Aug. 1st, 2010 08:43 pm
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So yeah... out of the middle of nowhere yesterday, pretty much, I got a headache that then got much much worse as the night progressed and then ended up having to run to the bathroom (on my still slightly-sore sprained ankle) and barf my guts out.
So I be sick. And I dun feel like writing my big doggy update here, still, heh. ...But I sure as heck also don't feel like going and getting my homework done, lulz. Even though finals week is coming up and I need to get stuffs done for it sooner rather than later. I'm hoping I'm not stressing myself into sickness but... I dunno, after some of the really awful days I had just prior to rejoining WWS, it seems horribly likely. (Though in that case you'd think the sickness would come along when the stress and freak-out-ness were worst, wouldn't you?) I hate my health...I wish it would just shut up and behave already, heh, and then I could shut up about it too and get on with my life. YEARS of wanting it to just go back to normal, now, although there are times I think on other people who do not have that hope of being back to normal healthiness, ever, and ought to count myself lucky. (Hard to remember that in the middle of some of this stuff, though.)

I'm just deathly sick of the school thing, most of the time. ...And I won't be getting that much of a break before my fall classes, and I still need to go through the catalog again with fresh eyes and drop the classes my parents have decided to bitch about and maybe find something else to replace them. Or maybe not, I don't know; it all just feels like so much more wasted effort than it used to. Ugh. And this fall my boyfriend is also starting classes, which is good but a more selfish me is already thinking that's going to mean less time with him, especially since he's also working part-time... yeah. : 0-/ he's part of what keeps me sane, though. (Or close enough to sane, lol.) It's a good thing I've rejoined WWS, I'm thinking, even if I'm worried about fitting in RP when fall classes start coming up. It's a motivating, saneifying thing as well, though (ironically : 0-P ). Even thinking I wantneed to bring Bryndel back soon maybe, heh, but I'm going to hold off on that for a little while until I can be more sure of having the time AND after I figure out some IC things for her and...stuff. 3: 0-P

Viceroy is going to be fun to play, I think, meantime. Even if his threads aren't moving quite fast enough for my tastes already. X 0-) Trying not to make/join too many more, though, because I'm trying to be certain not to overload and I do, after all, need to be doing schoolstuff, too, not just posting. <.<;; But yes. Having fun dreaming up stuff for him. And hoping he'll generate a bit of drama in his time, too, lol, which hopefully will be fun to write as well as to read. But we'll see; I'm letting him unfold more naturally, as much as I can. But I also has plans. 3: 0-) Even if they are still tentative and unformed as of yet.


Jul. 16th, 2010 04:30 am
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I am so jazzed that WWS has added a Facebook group, and now a Dreamwidth thingie apparently too. Now if only I could remember my password... X 0-D

I'm laying in bed with some stomach ickiness--funny how the presence (even the online presence) of friends makes me feel a whole lot better anyway. ^^ I wish the stupid internet connection here wasn't so darn unreliable, but the hijinks it was giving me last week have me convinced it's smartest to wait until I have something better before I rejoin my favorite RP board. Last week seemed to be the curse of the computers, actually, all around--my USB drive fried and I lost some of my schoolwork and then the printers went wacko at home AND at the school computer lab AND in the school library. W.T.H. I was already despising this school project for a lot of other reasons, and now this. I am ready to be DONE, I tell you, done!!

Anywho, a bit of breathing space now before we have to present on our topic, and for that I just have to help polish up the essay and whip up some Powerpoints and a speech. Classes this summer are developmental psychology (actually called human growth and development, but same diff) and animal training. I could probably ace the training quizzes with my eyes closed but I'm behind on the actual training part--starting to wonder if maybe I should have gotten slightly older (and thus hopefully less distractable and more mature) rats to train, but ah well. Firethroat and Lightfoot are cute, and a lot better socially than my first rats, who were from a pet shop (but not quite so wonderful as my last rats from a better breeder, to my disappointment. I'm coveting better-bred rats for adoption I see listed online now... almost as much as I'm coveting a new dog).

In any case, it's turning out to be a rather stressful and unrestful summer. Not to mention hot. But it's almost over... and I'm trying not to worry about the larger load of classes I'm supposed to take in the fall. But right now two classes seems more than enough, which feels rather...pathetic. Meh. Ah well. I've still got some health kinks to work out, but one way or another I'm feeling like I need to spend more time on more fun and social stuff, despite the amount of time I do spend harassing my boyfriend (with whom I've been almost a year and a half now...gasp. Very strange to think). Hoping the volunteering stuff I'm starting up tomorrow is going to help with that.

Orientation tomorrow at National Mill Dog Rescue. : 0-) We'll see how it goes. ..and ah, skwerls, I still need to print off my paperwork for that... eep! Time to run upstairs and do so, and maybe grab something to hopefully settle my stomach while I'm at it. ...As soon as I get the purring, attention-starved kitty off of it, anyway. X 0-)


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