Jul. 30th, 2010 01:17 am
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I know, I know, I keep thinking about the post I need to make here, and then not making it. ;.; I blame school projects and oncoming finals! Yes, it's that time of year again. I'm sorta regretting taking summer classes at all--mainly the psych one, though, I guess, since the animal training class has actually proven QUITE cool and even gave me an excuse to buy the updated version of probably my favorite training book--woot, Don't Shoot the Dog is the cheapest but also the AWESOMEST textbook evar. Although my intro to psychology and psych of human sexuality texts are also pretty good (but more "textbooky" in form), admittedly. X 0-)

In other news, the tempting bait of WWS dangling before me has proved too tasty a lure to resist. I'm still trying to figure out where/what I'm gonna do with Bryndel--her dad's gone, so now I'm eyeing up Sleepy Fox Hollow, Winterheart Forest, Silver Creek, or Mount Firefly as a likely substitute, but I'll probably wait and see where things settles after the Plateau arsonists are finished, heh. *taps fingers* I hope I won't regret this, but I think I won't. RP may be hard to keep up with when school revs up--and if I ever get back to vet school, I'll almost certainly have to quit--but WWS has been a lovely beacon of light in what is still a very dark existence for me right now. I think it may take a combination of my boyfriend, my cat, and the Salvajes to keep me even (somewhat) sane, heh. >.<;; As it is I've been flipping out entirely too much with school, and alarming classmates when I occasionally fail to get ahold of myself in time and come into class crying.

Anyhow, I'm tired now so I'm still not gonna post about the pupperdogs where I just started volunteering. With school I haven't been back yet anyway--might make it there this Sunday, but more likely not. When vacation rolls around for a bit I should hopefully be able to make it there a lot more, but I dunno about when fall semester starts; the time and energy may prove even more difficult to find then.


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