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First week and already some days I'm having trouble dragging myself out of bed. Sad, ne? That's part of the fun of depression I guess. Compound that with the fact that my two more difficult science classes are not just difficult, but also possibly ones I should have delayed until *after* I retook Organic Chem (UGH) and started Biochem... yeah. >.<;; Not really looking forward to this semester--and then on top of that I have part-time work. Admittedly, getting a little bit of steady income is good, and also, it's actually very lazy, easy work which is flexible with my school schedule-- but yargh, it's not like something I can sleep through and that makes Tuesdays in particular REALLY long days, involving work in the morning and then my pathophysiology class until 8:30 or so at night. Gah. @.@ I was literally falling asleep in it this week... gotta figure out some sort of caffeine or *something* for next week. Something that won't
On the other hand, tonight's lecture was much better than Tuesday's--we're doing review stuff, theoretically, but zomg the first day of patho did NOT feel like review. And then on top of that, my Microbiology teacher hands us a review sheet for o-chem stuff and more ("here, label these molecules according to structural group!") and AAAAAGGGHH do not want. And this isn't even going into the ungodly reams of paper these classes are asking me to print out on top of the usual horribly expensive books--and my printer isn't hooked up and working atm, and dad's printer is so skwerled up atm that I cannot trust it to print anything readable. I predict much tearing out of hair very soon, what with one thing and another.

On the other hand, it appears I got A's in both my summer classes, which is surprising but good. Now I just need to get my schedule under control and figure out some way to find the time and energy to start volunteering again, along with the internet reliability to keep up with my posts for my RPG sites. Posted a couple of things today and about to do another, though, yayz. Honestly, scheming about RP and writing stuff was the only thing that got me out of bed this morning, er, afternoon... I really need to find some way to keep doing it regularly despite (or even because of) all the craziness of RL around me.

Thank the powers that be for my Ellenkitty as well, who is mewing cutely and doing her maximal-in-the-wayness flop as she curls up on my chest as I write this. ; 0-P She and my little ratlings are doing well, at least. I'm still really missing my old dog, though, in particular, and pining for a new one. I miss all my old pets far too much still. My birthday this year sucked, meh--I didn't give my parents the birthday list they requested because, well, honestly, the two things I REALLY wanted I knew I was not going to get: a new dog and to get the hell out of this place and move into a space of my own.
I'm trying to change my perspective and look at it with a view of, well, I probably won't be here for my NEXT birthday, so that means less than a year to go, but... I still have trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel a lot of the time, to be honest.


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