Jul. 21st, 2010

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Gwrhfllrbblgwah? Um, yeah. Second day of the mill dog rescue orientation. The cleaning part. Meh, even peppy music's not making me want to get up and move...heh. Hope they're not expecting *peppy* cleaners to arrive this hour of the morning.

Meant to post about the first day of volunteer orientation and stuff before this, but between school nonsense and internet hijinks and everything, didn't quite get to it. (I had a window opened to start, even... then things went BOOM and Bryn got nothing written...eheheh.) Still got my now-delayed psych project and presentation on Thursday, but I'm over-optomistically thinking maybe I'll be on later today after I've taken a nice nap and get other things like blogging accomplished. Hah. Yeah, that'll work... e.e;;

Mom and dad head off to Iceland today for a few weeks' trip. I'm driving them to the airport later and then I'll have a bit of breathing room for a little while...hopefully. The time'll go fast, I'm sure... been thinking about asking a friend to sleep over, maybe even for a few days since she's been having trouble at home, though I still need to broach the subject with my parents. : 0-X But then I'll have more of a regular social outlet and maybe I won't got totally psycho-nutso stuck with just my brother for human company here. (I'd drag the boyfriend up but the lack of internettage and gaming systems would drive him even battier than it has me. X 0-) So I'll probably spend a fair amount of time down where he is, instead, too. Heh heh.)

'Til then, my lonesome, neglected blog. : 0-P


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